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Spent some time in Madrid

Some chicken or duck or something. Funny silly thing I almlst brought home because I’m an idiot.

Hello. I promised I would update this blog so here I am. I honestly haven’t got anything interesting to tell, nor anything to tell at all, besides I’ve been in Madrid these last two weeks with a part of my family.

It’s funny because I’ve been nearly two months burnt out from gamedev but I recently got the pulse to do things again. And it had to be here, where I have to cope with an old, old laptop which honestly haves hard times with anything that whispers ‘gamedev’.

Moreover, I recently started to use version control, and I forgot to commit the lastest changes done to Last Breath on my desktop back at Valencia. So I’ve been a bit pissed of, because I new it would be a waste of time touching that last repo source with those changes not being present. There were like… A LOT of core changes.

So there you have.

Me and my girlfriend bought ourselves some christmas gifts. We bought Final Fantasy XV when we learnt it was on sale. I can finally play it a bit… Tomorrow when we get home. The damned PS4 is also there, haha.

I started playing Kirby: Planet Robobot on my 3DS tho. Great game, lots of variety. It surprised me to be honest, as I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. 

I also got Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, though I haven’t played that game a very long time. I’m already in love with that wall mechanic.

I’m planning to release a small local multiplayer pong clone with some extra mechanics this February so there’s that.

I had some fun. I had some pizza with friends. Overall, fun xmas.

I don’t know. See ya, or somethin’ 

So, huh… I made a blog


after some thought, I decided to finally give a use to this domain. Maybe it’s cool to have a place to drop what I want to tell from time to time. Also, my productivity’s being a mess lately. I plan to write down what I do from time to time.

Honestly, I don’t know if that’s gonna help my productivity at all.

But I will report that too, so if I’m a lazy ass I can see it clearly too.

I’m also having a bad time these past few months. Stupid mental things going in my head. It’ll be nice to have this little corner to sit down and cry a bit.

Let’s see if this will be my first and last entry on this blog or not.

See ya!

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